About Us


How I got here

Our company was started in 2016, after I suffered a heart attack, and could no longer run my Pest control business. I fell back on something from my youth.  My Grandfather and Dad ran Hogle machine co, for many years in the 60's up to the 90's, and I can remember standing on a folding chair pulling the arm on a drill press tapping brass spacers by the 1000's.  That's also when I would  grab a piece of waste steel and grind a knife every chance I got.


Functional Art

That led to me picking up some tools, and making more knives.  Not just any knives, but functional pieces of art, that are also great tools. All our knives are made by hand, and we use high quality, high carbon steels. With natural hardwoods for the handles. I use the stock removal process then complete with proper heat treat to produce the desired RH. 


Life is to short too carry an ugly knife

While the knife is a tool, it can also be a beautiful work of art. Thus our motto.  We promise our customers nothing but the best, and stand behind every piece we build for life!